Comparing EasyFeet Insoles

EasyFeet Insoles are designed to supply comfort and support for your feet, with a range of features that can help you avoid or reduce foot pain. They have shock-absorbing gel cushioning, contoured arch support, and metatarsal pads that keep your feet in the correct position while you walk or run. The insoles also come with a particular extra layer of cushioning, which provides comfort and relieves pressure points.

EasyFeet Cross-Training - Sport Insoles

EasyFeet Cross-Training is an outstanding choice for athletes who participate in high-impact sports like running. These are the best insole for running shoes, thanks to their high-density structure. They stabilize your feet, helping you maintain an even stance while running or jumping. The insoles have a layer of foam cushioning with gel padding that absorbs shock during impact.

The EasyFeet Sports insole helps to minimize the stress on the ankle, knees, and lower portion of your back. As a result, they can help with common injuries like shin splints, a runner’s knee, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, they come with a gel in the forefoot gives your foot an even more cushioned feel. Ideal for runners, hikers, and many other outdoor and indoor sports.

EasyFeet Pain Relief - Orthotic Insoles

EasyFeet Pain Relief relieves metatarsal pain thanks to its arch support. They offer higher arch support, shock absorption, and cushioning for extra comfort. The insoles have exceptional cushioning that helps reduce pressure points in your feet. If you have high arches causing your problems, this insole is the one for you. This is not just an everyday insole; it is perfect for those who play sports or hike and need extra help in the insole department. Fascia pain can be severe, so you might also want to use a plantar fasciitis night splint, brace or sock to help stretch the fascia. Studies have shown that doing so can speed up the recovery process.